The Importance of Teamwork

Quality of life issues for humans underlies quality of life for horses--they may not know what we're thinking or saying but they've got a pretty good barometer on what we're feeling. A barn that works well for horses is one in which the humans live their lives by the golden rule, Do Unto Others....etc. This is where luck comes in as far as life at Stillpoint goes, that we've been blessed with so many wonderful people and horses who've come our way. Maybe it's something in the water! Summing up it all comes down to a few basics. First, no one person has all the right answers. No one person can do all the work or be there all the time. Taking good care of horses means caring about people, including yourself, as much as you care about the horse in your life. Good horsemanship HAS to be a cooperative effort, which in practice means to being considerate of the people around you is in the best interest of your horse!

Horse Care Basics

  • Regular Exercise

  • Good Nutrition

  • A Generally Predictable Routine

  • A Low-stress Social Life

  • Turnout! Turnout! Turnout!

Taking care of horses requires some years of experience at your back, of course.

Beyond that, though, there are a few other intangibles that help:

  • Stoicism tinged with a sense of irony
  • A not-too-refined sense of humor
  • Being open to new ideas that may come from unexpected sources
  • Be prepared! (and yes, Alexis was a Girl Scout once upon a time, a VERY long time ago)