Tractor man, finance manager, & grandpa extraordinaire

The Connolly's have lived in Amherst for over 40 years. For most of that time (until 2010) they owned and operated Marketplace Cafe in Thornes Market, downtown Northampton. Currently they are tackling a long backlog of repairs and renovations to various buildings on the farm in addition to the usual fence and field maintenance and the daily chores that are all part of looking after a dozen or so horses. They still take time to take the dogs on expeditions at least a couple of times a day, go for trail rides, practice tango, and spend time with their three wonderful grown-up children, Cara, Abby, and Michael, and the also wonderful people they have brought into their lives.

Alexis & Ed Connolly

Stillpoint Farm





The rest of the crew

Chief Cook & Bottlewasher